Recycle Right to Prevent Fires

Residents are being asked to stop putting batteries, vapes and gas canisters in their recycling containers at home to help prevent fires.

Bryson Recycling process recycling collected from 50% of Northern Ireland homes, and in recent months they have seen a significant increase in the amount of these items coming to their site. The risk of fires is magnified at this time of year, as the weather gets hotter and recycling materials are drier.

When crushed, batteries, vapes and gas canisters can get very hot, ignite or explode which can result in fires at recycling sites or on collection vehicles which can result in significant damage to equipment and most importantly to staff.

Katy Fulton, Director of Bryson Recycling, said: “Fires at our site have the potential to put our staff at risk and can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to our plant and machinery. We urge householders to help us avoid fires by not putting these items in their household recycling and ensuring they dispose of them correctly.”

Batteries, vapes and gas canisters should never be placed in your recycling bin or box at home, and should always be taken to your local Council Household Recycling Centre where you can dispose of them safely. Please ask a member of staff where to put them. There are also collection points for batteries at many shops and supermarkets. Aerosol cans can be recycled at home, but please ensure that they are totally empty. For further information about Bryson Recycling and the services they provide please visit